Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thank you to our Local Police

Principal Stuckey wrote the following:

I want to recognize the timely efforts of our local police department following an accidental 911 call from a personal cell phone at B.A. Kennedy today. As we all know, 911 calls have stiff penalties when made intentionally, but this was a pure accident. I received a phone call from Tara in dispatch, alerting me to the situation. She also informed me that law enforcement was on their way to B.A. Kennedy. I left immediately (from Bluff View), calling the BAK secretary in route. When I arrived at BAK, two officers were already addressing the area from which the phone call came.

The prompt response of our local law enforcement has left the students and staff at B.A. Kennedy feeling very safe. We experienced first hand the quick attention that is given by our local department in a potentially dangerous situation, and that is something we should all take pride in!

PdC police department - thanks for your efforts today and always. We appreciate everything you do.

Laura Stuckey
Elementary Principal
B.A. Kennedy Elementary School
Prairie du Chien School District

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