Sunday, September 23, 2012

Access to Webinar on Online Learning

The information presented (to be accessed through the links below) by K12 Incorporated is on a "Benchmark Survey on the Best Practices for Implementing Online Learning Programs".

PdC Public continues to study the potential of starting an online charter school. There is a need to do this right, as the increasing amount of data is starting to point out that many (most?) online programs are not very effective, at least not when compared to quality schools.

This webinar information is based on survey results that point out some good information. However, (I am getting on my soapbox and stating a personal opinion) as with all data on online, and charter schools in general, this is quasi data based on perceptions and not hard fact. Anyway, it does give some insights as to potential issues/problems and some, (I guess you could say common sense) factors that are necessary to successful programming.

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Access information:

You can view the recorded version of the webinar here: and the presentation slides at the following link:

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