Thursday, September 20, 2012

PI-34 Assistance

David Allen, the PI-34 Coordinator from the CESA 3 License Renewal Support Center will, on one afternoon a month, be providing PDP Writing Support for teachers, pupil services staff, and administrators who need to complete a PDP for their license renewal. These sessions run from 1:00 PM until 3:30 PM and are held in conference room A at CESA 3. If a staff member needs to learn the PDP process for the first time, or if they simply need someone to look at their PDP, these sessions may be a fit.

The PdC Public Schools subscribes to this PI-34 service for our staff through CESA. Any staff in need to this support, can discuss the needs with your site Principal. If a need exists to attend, CESA 3 asks to please register in advance on the CESA 3 Website.

Thursday October 18th, 2012
Thursday November 15th, 2012
Thursday December 13th, 2012
Thursday January 17th, 2013
Thursday March 14, 2013
Thursday April 18th, 2013
Thursday May 9th, 2013

Contact information is provided below:

David M Allen
License Renewal Support Center
PI-34 Coordinator


Another option is that the Teacher's Union, SWEA, offers a Professional Development Plan (PDP) Goal writing training and explanation of the PDP process to teachers in the area. This training is for all teachers and not just for Initial Educators. Then, each year the teachers can choose to have their Goals approved at the beginning of the process and then Verified at the end of the process.

PDP Goal Writing Training – September 26, 2012
PDP Goal Approval Night – October 24, 2012
PDP Goal Verification Night – April 10, 2013

Click here for further information on this option

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