Friday, September 28, 2012

Community meeting on possible changes in athletic/activities conference alignment

High School Cafeteria

7:30 pm on October 3rd, 2012

Discussion items:

1. Where we are now; current affiliation is with the Southwest Wisconsin Conference (SWC)

2. Background of SWC and problems (acute in football, but affects most sports) 

a. Loss of games due to conference shifts and closing of conferences 

b. Football is in region format in Iowa with no options for games there

3. Options being discussed for possible changes that may be taking place that affect PdC

a. MVC option: moving completely to affiliation with the schools in the LaCrosse area
· Aquinas High School
· Central High School
· Holmen High School
· Logan High School
· Sparta High School
· Onalaska High School
· Tomah High School

b. Regional ‘football only’ with PdC to MVC
· Closed football schedule based roughly on size across many conferences in southwestern Wisconsin region
· MVC for all other activities

c. Stay in SWC but play a rotation of some schools twice in football
· Fall 2013; SWC for football
· Fall 2013; play Platteville and Lancaster twice in football
· Fall 2013; week one play Aquinas in football

d. Other discussed options


1. This meeting is open to anyone to attend.

2. School Board Members are invited, but this is only an information and discussion based meeting; it is not a Board meeting and no action can be taken.

3. The information in this posting may be out-dated by the meeting time as this is a fluid situation and decisions are being made. There is a meeting scheduled with area schools and the WIAA on October 3 that may shed new information. All new information will be shared at this meeting.

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