Monday, September 3, 2012

AP continues to expand at PdC Public

In each of the last two years we have given just short of a hundred Advanced Placement (AP) tests at our PdC Public High School. That ranks us in the top schools in Wisconsin for the ratio of AP tests per student. With the additions of some new classes, and additional students across the other AP offerings, we will be edging closer to doubling that this year. We have projected about 190 enrollments in various AP classes this year. So, we can fully expect that in this school year we will blow away the past numbers.

We need to thank the teachers who are offering these high level courses and congratulate the students who are taking these challenging classes as they are working hard to well position themselves for success beyond high school. Our AP goals for next year are to be over 250 tests and within a few years to be over 450 tests per year in our High School.

We have targeted adding even more AP classes for the future; however, for this year we are up to 14 different AP classes being offered across our High School departments:
  1. US History 
  2. Psychology
  3. US Government 
  4. Spanish Language
  5. Statistics 
  6. Calculus AB 
  7. Calculus BC 
  8. English Literature
  9. English Language 
  10. Music Theory
  11. Art, Drawing 
  12. Art, 2-D
  13. Art, 3-D 
  14. Environmental Sci.
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