Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BAK School Report Card

As information on the new School Report Card rating scale comes forth, there will be a series of blogs on the subject. As we all know, the staff at BAK have done a tremendous job over the last few years of buying into improving academic achievement and the results have been nothing short of fabulous. We have this documented by accurate MAP and DIBELS growth data.

However, it takes time for those children with those higher academic skills to work up through the grades. Further, since BAK has no tested grades (WKCE testing starts in grade 3) the rating scale being used for BAK is solely based on the scores from last year in grade 3 - see link to letter that contains the information for schools who do not have sufficient data to receive an accountability rating on their report card.

We know this is an inaccurate picture of BAK today and we will view this report card as only a benchmark from where BAK and the elementary grades at Bluff View will grow. I have full confidence that the kids coming forth in future years will blow these ratings out of the water. However, for the time being we stuck with what we have.

Obviously I cannot release the school report card results in this public blog forum, as they are under embargo, but I want everyone at BAK to understand that we understand that there is more to this story. I believe that BAK is methodically working toward being the premier early education center in the state. Keep up the great work and the data will follow to verify that point.

Click here to view DPI letter on BAK rating

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