Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Create professional portfolio

We are quickly moving away from a system of evaluation that was based on what is done by a teacher in a classroom, to a new model with a big percentage based on what have the students done.

We are not jumping into the bleeding edge of this process. We will take you through this process as best we can so as to create the least amount of disruption to our school operations. I have had a number of people ask about this process and where it will go. I am being honest when I reply that I do not really have the answer to that question. However, just like in the past, if you are doing a good job, there is nothing to be afraid of. The system, whatever it will be, will just confirm that you are doing a good job. This is nothing to worry about.

However, as part of that process, I would strongly recommend that all professional certified staff create individual professional development folders in Google docs.

The reasoning for this is in anticipation of the Educator Effectiveness project. No matter what system we will end up using, we are being told that there will be a requirement of some kind of documentation trail of professional growth and how that lead to student growth. I assume that this will ultimately be entered into a system that will be reported out to someplace, but at this time we have not purchased a program and the state does not have their system up and running yet.

This data collection does not have to be fancy. I do not know exactly what will be needed, but I would recommend something such as the following:
What were the Dates/Times of event?
What was the Professional Growth training or event?
What contribution from this event was made to the classroom, district, and to the profession?
What are the increased student achievement outcome gains from this professional development?

You could just keep a paper file folder, but it will most likely be far more efficient later on if you have it in a cloud based document that you can either refer to easily and/or cut paste over.

All of you have professional training to enter. Just start with recent events; just a few examples are:

  • Restraint
  • New Elementary Math series
  • Google Apps
  • AP seminars
  • PLTW
  • Graduate classes

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