Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sometimes people ask what teachers do all summer...

An example, using our PdC Public School PK through 4 teachers, is that they have to learn a new set of materials so they can hit the ground running when school starts. In this specific case, these teachers have spent a lot of time over the summer getting ready to teach Everyday Math with fidelity. We have entered the Common core era and this is just one of the many changes across the district that will be needed to upgrade to the new higher standards.

The teachers had training days and a full checklist of items that needed to be done. Many of them collaborated in person and by e-mails going back and forth over the summer. The teachers, before they present to the students, have to read the units and learn how they are organized. The new math series comes with a UNIT Organizer and a Management guide for each classroom. With a new series, they have to literally go through the first units games and lessons to get prepared. Simple things like laminating the posters, for the classroom that are corresponding with the units, take a lot of time.

Each new series also has technology components. This year they will have eTools on-line, and to use this tool they had to build in their student accounts and open up the system. Also, they will be using the integration with the SmartBoards.

For the PK through 4 teachers, who desire to have a great start to the year, the summer has been very busy on the transition to a new math program. We have great teachers at PdC Public that care enough to work hard during the school year and during the summer.

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