Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Health Assessment Followup and HRA

We are getting a number of questions on the health assessment followup. I will try to be as clear as possible and give out the information that we have available to us. In addition, I will go over the requirements to have the full amount of the HRA released.

Important: at this time, all PdC Public School health insurance covered employees that did the blood draw must go online to finish some simple health related questions. (I am not sure, but I assume this information, plus the blood analysis, will be discussed in the confidential wellness coach meeting coming up).

To qualify as being done with the WPS health assessment process; the WPS requirements are:

1. Screening - blood work (this is done)
2. Online questionnaire: Health Risk Assessment (must be done between the dates of September 17th and September 21st.: please note directions on access code which is under step two click here to see directions
3. One to One; report delivery and session with wellness coach at PdC High School. (If you have not made this appointment already; Call 1-888-553-5370 or 1-920-738-6521 to schedule an appointment on 9/25 or 9/26 - talk to your Principal as substitutes may be available)

Important notes: 

1. Carrot: all insured staff (only the person that carries the policy) will get $50 from WPS for just going through the process. 
2. Another carrot: if almost all of our staff do the complete assessment process, our WPS rates lock in at less than 8% for next year. This is important as most likely whatever the amount goes up, that is what employees will most likely pay for a premium increase.
2. Stick: the full process must be completed to get the full HRA dollars - see below.

Reminder; to get the full amount of HRA dollars released, the following points must be done:

1. Turn in HRA 4 step agreement form (this was the form which was in the 6/15/12 paystub; almost all have turned that in - for those who did not, Patti will call you to see if you want to turn it in, we will still take the form) 
2. Must have completed a physical in 2012 (you have until December 30, 2012 to get the physical done and until then to turn in the form)
3. Must complete the WPS  assessment as outlined above.

When this is all completed, the eligible employees will get their other 1/2 of their HRA  dollars  released  into their accounts. 

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