Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Support Staff procedural changes

Some of the support staff came forward with some issues last week. I will go through those issues and have a short response on each. None of these noted changes require Board action as these are just a change in practice; except as noted.
1. A PTO pro-ration for people working summer school etc.; we will, from this point on, adjust on a prorated basis the PTO time; the exact formula has not been worked out, but we will have something in place to account for the summer and apply the added PTO time in AESOP before school starts next year.
2. Vacation was brought up to confirm the 20 days for those at 20 days. There is no plan to remove the 20 days from those who desired to stay (grandfathered) at that level.
3. Early release and late starts; we will allow an employee the choice of a pay dock or the use of PTO or use of vacation or work and get paid.
4. Insurance premiums will stay as is.
5. Early retirement of a payment of $15 per sick day in the old bank is being studied and language to open a one-time early retirement window may be brought to the School Board for approval at the May or June meeting.

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