Thursday, April 5, 2012

Decision made to move to Google Docs

A study has been on-going comparing the Google products with the cloud based Microsoft products. At this time there is no comparison as to ease of use and overall functionality – Google Docs are superior.

Therefore, the Technology Committee has made the decision that during the week of May 30, 2012 we will be moving to the cloud based Google Docs. The immediate change after Memorial Day will be that all staff and students, in grades 2 and up, e-mail accounts will switch to g-mail. The helpdesk is starting on the conversion so that we can retain our same e-mail addresses so the changeover from the usage side will be as minimal as possible.

However, there are specific modules that are much better in the Microsoft environment such as Excel. We have MS Office on machines across the district and it will stay installed and serviced until the machines are replaced. As we move forward into future years we will have to evaluate what applications will be needed on an individualized basis.

This move saves money and, from the information gained from other schools that have moved to the cloud environment, it is more efficient. Training opportunities will be on-going as needed up to pre-service of next year.

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