Sunday, April 22, 2012

Health Insurance update

The 'meet and confer' Insurance Committee met with the Tri-Cor Brokers tonight. The recommendation to the School Board will be to move to WPS as the health insurance provider. More informational items will be coming over the next couple of weeks. For example, a grid will be developed to show employee options. The literature on two of the the plans are linked below. There is also a Western Preferred Gunderson Lutheran model, but I do not have the sheet on that network at this time. Coverage information and specific details are being worked on and will be released when available. This is only a committee recommendation but, at this time, I see no reason why the School Board will not approve this change in carrier to start July 1, 2012.

Click these three links below for the "At a Glance" Network Information.
General information on the WPS Western Preferred
General information on the WPS Statewide Plan Page One
General information on the WPS Statewide Plan Page Two

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