Monday, April 30, 2012

MIT/Khan on-line content delivery

The video linked below is just an introduction to a start of what is coming as far as content that will available to students (everybody) worldwide. We need to start the discussions now as to how this ubiquitous content will change what we do. This has the potential to jump, way beyond flipped classrooms, directly to the people who write the books. In many ways schools, and textbook companies, are only the middleman of content delivery. We now are moving toward direct access to the content creators for little to no cost. There are many predicting that within just a couple of years the traditional textbooks will be only referenced in history.

We have to start to talk about how we will figure this out. The indication is that we need to do this relatively quickly - no 5 or 10 year plans will accommodate these changes. I certainly do not have the answers and I do not know if anyone else does either. However, it is fairly obvious that how we get and disseminate information/content, and the actual definition of what is tested/graded as valuable/relevant will change, especially at the high school level.

Click to go to YouTube on MIT/Khan

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