Thursday, April 12, 2012

Award given to Norbert Aschom Jr.

The School Board honored Norbert Aschom Jr.with the Wisconsin Association School District Administrators Child Advocacy Award based on his support for the students of the PdC Public Schools.

Norbert Aschom Jr. oversees news programming at WQPC and WPRE which broadcasts across Southwest Wisconsin and Northeast Iowa. Mr. Aschom, last year, celebrated his 50th anniversary as a radio personality in Prairie du Chien. Norb has been a steady and reliable source of news and information during his half century of work on the radio. He was hired on April 1st 1961, and Norb has provided vital information to the residents of the community and the surrounding areas during stressful and devastating events, including, but certainly not limited to, the Flood of 1965, when he worked with other staff members, with determination and dedication, to insure that the radio station continued to broadcast from a temporary facility to provide much-needed emergency information. He is primarily interested in local news, including national stories that can be given a local angle. “The most important thing is the local connection,” he says. Norb is a great supporter of education. He has done everything from recording the openings of school musicals to being an integral part of school improvement committees. Superintendent, Drew Johnson of the Prairie du Chien Public Schools greatly compliments Mr. Aschom for his superb coverage of the school events and news. Norb personally interviews Mr. Johnson once or twice a month on school issues. Mr. Norb Aschom has been, and will continue to be, a positive influence on the school and an advocate for the children of the Prairie du Chien Area.

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