Monday, April 30, 2012

Business, Information Technology, and Marketing Equivalency

Release from DPI with embedded links to extra materials:
New DPI equivalency processes make it easier for districts to award core credit for business and information technology and marketing education courses.
Task forces composed of Wisconsin teachers, administrators, higher education, and DPI staff updated the equivalency process for both subjects, recognizing they have evolved into courses involving social studies and economic concepts. In the case of Business and Information Technology, the courses also involve English Language Arts skills.
The DPI is working with the University of Wisconsin to establish an ongoing process for recognition of DPI-approved equivalent courses.
Districts interested in pursuing social studies or English Language Arts equivalency for Business and Information Technology or Marketing Education classes should:
1.    Form a committee to compare the courses in question to the district's core subjects curriculum. To help with this process, the DPI has created “crosswalks” of state standards for both areas.
2.    Obtain school board approval.
3.    Submit all documentation to the DPI using a form.
More information can be found in the materials on the DPI Business and Information Technology Equivalency website.
The new equivalency processes join others created since 2007 for agriculture, technology, engineering, and family and consumer science courses. 

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