Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Early retirees in health group

We have a few people who have asked about staying on the group health plan in a 'direct bill/pay' to the insurance company if they do decide to retire. We have confirmation that people can stay on the group plan until age the of 65. What we need to confirm is whether WPS will direct bill, if not, I believe we can set something up internally to have people prepay to us and we can send it off through our group payment. Either way, at this time, I am confident that we will make it work; I hope by days end to fully confirm the details and will post an update when the information comes in.

The following is a copy of the actual message from the WPS Agency Manager "Our proposal is intended to cover all member who are currently covered under their WEA plan. This would include any early retirees they might have. We will also cover them in the same manner as they are being covered so if that is to age 65, we will match."

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