Monday, April 2, 2012


Bullying was an issue that in generations past was generally swept under the rug or written off as normal behavior. Not anymore. Bullying is a topic that brings on passionate discussion. Laws are being written to strengthen policies and enforcement. The media has latched on to the issue. There is a movie on bullying that is out. There is no lack of personal stories on the issue.

At PdC Public, we have adopted the model policy on bullying. We have prevention programs in place. We have a tough stance on bullying in our schools and deal quickly and appropriately with all incidents brought to our attention. That last part is important as much of, given the broader scope and definition, bullying now happening has nothing to do with school nor is it during school time. For example, unfriending on Facebook or excluding some kids from being invited to home birthday parties are now considered forms of bullying.

Our school staff will do all we can; but Parents, as with almost all things, must be the front line on this. The data on safety issues in schools across the nation is that schools are extremely safe and getting safer. It has been stated many times, that compared to decades past, schools are far far safer today. This is contrary to many media reports which focus on terrible tragedies. Now, does that mean that there are no issues and that we should ignore the problems? Absolutely not, and we do not ignore anything. Again, we will do all we can if it is brought to our attention and then we act in accordance to polices and practice. We take everything seriously.

There are generally two sides to all issues and the following articles outline those sides:

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