Thursday, April 26, 2012

Common Core Science, Social Studies, and DLM

As you are aware, we have new Common Core Standards in English Language Arts/Reading (ELA) and Mathematics (Math) which are quasi-national standards. It has been announced that the Science standards will be in draft format sometime during this year; word from DPI is to expect it in late fall or early winter - I have seen rough sketches of parts of the draft and it looks to be very well done.  In addition, Social Studies is close behind; DPI has stated to expect those draft standards as early as the winter of 2013.

Another development is that Wisconsin is teaming with another consortium of states to develop learning maps which are a network of sequenced learning targets which show how multiple learning pathways and how skills are related to other skills. These dynamic learning maps are being developed to allow alternative testing options, example for significant cognitive disabilities, that will be the basis for future assessments to give teachers better insight into a student's knowledge base.

The following is a DPI slide show on the overview of these issues.

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