Friday, June 29, 2012

Swim Team

Another activity for the PdC kids during the summer is the Swim Team. Although not a sport, this team is associated with the PdC Public School as an activity account. Many of the team members are also in our Summer Advanced Swim PE class although the class is not a requirement for the swim team or vice versa. Below are pictures from the Swim Meet at Mineral Point on 6-27-12. Competing with Prairie du Chien were Mineral Point and Lancaster. I apologize for some of the pictures being flipped - I can't quickly figure out how to download and flip them. If I do figure it out, I will edit this post so you do not have to roll your computer over to see them. Anyway, hope you enjoy seeing the pictures of the kids participating in a great summer activity.

The Medly Relay 200m (back, butterfly, breast and free strokes), they are doing back stroke in the pic, the middle lane is Breann Holler and 1st lane is Allison Krogan (11-12 age group).

The 50m Butterfly (age group 13-14) Jaqueline LaHaie

Kylie Wright getting ready to do 100m Distance Freestyle (age 11-12 group)

 The Breast Stroke (age group 15-18)  Mercie Ghjoberg

The 50 m Butterfly (age 15-18 group) Elizabeth Brom 

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