Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bluff View Playground Grass

We have had problems over the years with keeping grass around the playground areas at Bluff View and at BAK. Obviously, we want to have a nice facility for the kids and dirt/mud is not conducive to a nice play area.

In addition to the utilization issues; this has taken a lot of staff time, and dollars, to dig it up, reseed, and pull watering systems. Step one is to hopefully correct this at Bluff View this summer with a small project, about $4000, to sod in around the play area and put in an in-ground sprinkler system.

Over the past few years we have made reductions in the janitorial/maintenance staff, so efficiency improvements of this sort are important. If this works, according to what the professionals are telling us, this project will save us time and money in the future.

Depending on the outcome of this project, we will probably put an equivalent sprinkler system in at BAK to hold that grass also. The PdC Public School District, mainly through grants, has made major improvements over the last couple of years on the playgrounds at both Bluff View and BAK. The improvements at both schools have made the areas fully handicapped accessible. We hope the whole community appreciates the facilities and everyone is encouraged to use these playgrounds. These play areas are not only used during school hours but they are fully open to community use. All we ask is that parents supervise their children and help to keep the area clean and report any abuses so we can maintain the facilities in a top notch condition.

The two pictures below are of the sod being put in at Bluff View by the Williams Landscaping employees.

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