Friday, June 29, 2012

High School Back Entrance Upgrade

With the upgrade to the back parking lot, the High School Back Entrance is now a main entrance to the building. We have a small project being done this summer to add an inside vestibule that will fit the architectural features of the building and provide an entrance that is practical and an effective energy saver.

The upgraded more efficient glass plus the double set of doors will reduce a major portion of the building load attributed to the envelope: exfiltration and infiltration. These are, respectively, the passage of conditioned air out of the building and the movement of unconditioned air into the envelope. This is a busy building entrance that loses much energy, approaching losses from a door open to the exterior all the time. The double set of vestibule doors will greatly reduce the flow of air through an entrance. Also, the volume of air trapped between the portals acts as a buffer to the transfer of heat through the vestibule. When there is no traffic, the trapped volume of air is an effective insulator that increases the thermal resistance of the passageway. The old glass doors were a source of high energy loss through leakage and inefficiency.

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