Wednesday, June 27, 2012

PdC Public School Summer Program Expands Every Year

PdC Public Schools offer a full summer long summer school schedule that is open to all district students. Some random pictures of summer school activities are interspersed through this blog entry.

Our unofficial count is that we have 468 students taking part in some or all of the summer school activities. The summer school offerings vary by grade level and are a mix of core learning and enrichment.

There are three 15 day sessions spread across the summer. Session one is June 13 to July 1; Session two is July 11 through July 29; Session three is August 8 to August 26.

There is some variation on schedules, but the main program time is 8:00 am to Noon Monday through Friday. Busing is provided to all who request it for the normal time-frame, and we serve a free Breakfast and Lunch in conjunction with the learning program.

The general programming is age based. A very quick breakdown is listed below:

B.A. Kennedy students spend their morning doing 4 different activities. They have reading and math centers, an enrichment class where they are doing various activities (art projects, science experiments, etc.), and a fitness block where students either do an activity at school or (if signed up through school) go to swimming lessons.

Bluff View (BV) students have a block of reading, math and language arts. They also have a block of physical education where students do an activity at school or (if signed up) go to swimming lessons. BV students also had the opportunity to choose to sign up for an art class, a gateway to technology class, and a healthy living class.

The High School offers various classes for credit for which the students must register.

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