Wednesday, June 20, 2012


At PdC Public School we offer Full-Day-Every-Day-Four-Year-Old-Kindergarten as it has such a positive educational benefit to those children and additionally it is a nice service to our families.

For next year, we have 60 full-day slots available and 57 of those are already filled. We do continue to run a half-day 4K program for those parents who choose that program and we also cooperate with HeadStart to offer those students the half day 4K opposite the HeadStart time.

To highlight the educational positives; in Michigan a long-term study was done on early education programming. The Great Start Readiness Program Evaluation ran from 1995-2011. The results are very positive toward the early education with results showing that students were more imaginative, creative, and demonstrated more initiative. School outcomes were also improved as items such as completing assignments, good attendance, interest in school, and learning were all measured to be enhanced in the student grouping with the early educational background.

The positive results followed these students through the school years as there were significantly lower retention rates in this group, state assessment results show better scores, more of these students took higher level classes, and they graduated on time at a higher rate.

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