Friday, June 22, 2012

EBC app

Smart phone app, My Mobile Account Assistant, is available now for participants enrolled in either the BESTflexSM Plan, the EBC HRASM or both who use an iPhone or Android smart phone!

Participants can file claims, attach receipts and view account information for their plans. My Mobile Account Assistant lets your participants access the best features of our My Account Assistant web portal, including viewing account balances, filing claims and viewing recent payments.

Filing claims is easy
My Mobile Account Assistant lets your participants file a claim and is one of the few apps of its kind that lets participants attach a receipt; at the pharmacy, at the provider or from anywhere that has access to a 3G or wireless internet connection. Filing a claim for any eligible health care or dependent care expense doesn't get any easier than this. Complete a few lines on a simple form, attach the receipt using the phone's camera and tap "Submit." My Mobile Account Assistant makes filing claims smart, simple, secure and mobile!

Download our Quickstart Guide and distribute it to your participants.

You can also learn more on our website at 

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