Saturday, June 30, 2012

Read to Lead in Wisconsin State Parks

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is teaming with Wisconsin's statewide Read to Lead initiative to encourage kids and families to read everywhere—including the great outdoors! Each week in 2012 a new pairing of a state park and nature book is featured. These books, geared towards ages 5 to 9, are available for reading at the parks or local libraries.

Kids, read (or have someone read to you) the book of the week and see how it relates to the state park! Read 20 or more books in 2012 and enter to win a Kindle Fire® or other prizes! Enjoy special nature programs at some parks during their "Read to Lead" week!

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Of course Wyalusing State Park is in right here in our neighborhood and their featured book is The Voyageur's Paddle by Kathy-Jo Wargin

Voyageur is the French word for "traveler," but in the Great Lakes region during the seventeenth century it described the men who made their living trading furs and other goods along water routes. Young Jacques's father is a voyageur. He works long hours in bitterly cold weather, gone for weeks at a time. As he awaits his father's return from a season of trading, Jacques dreams of the day he will hold the canoe paddle and join the ranks of voyageurs.

Read to Lead book of the week

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