Friday, October 5, 2012

Most state ATV fatalities occur on private land

release from the DNR William Cosh

Hunters using all-terrain vehicles to get to remote game areas or to carry out their harvests are reminded to think safety when using these motorized workhorses and to make sure they only drive these machines where authorized. Conservation Warden Gary Eddy, who also serves as the Department of Natural Resources ATV safety administrator, says some of the main complaints received involve these machines being operated in unauthorized areas on public lands.“Hunters need to know if they are on county, state or national forest lands, and they need to contact the appropriate office ahead of time to find out the local rules and laws regarding their machine's use.”Eddy's advice not only pertains to hunters but also to farmers and other citizens who use the ATV and utility terrain vehicles for farm work or simple travel on their land. And the majority of the 2012 fatalities involving ATV use have occurred on private lands.

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