Thursday, October 4, 2012

Activities Realignment

We have been reporting to the community for some time that there is a strong possibility of a realignment for activities The current SWC configuration of only six teams, combined with the closing off of Iowa, and further compounded by many Wisconsin conferences that are closing their football schedules are making scheduling of games almost impossible for football and more difficult for other sports.

I thank all the people who came last night to the community meeting to see and hear the straight facts about all the various options. I believe all questions were answered. The plans being floated out are solid and we hope that one of these can be put in place for fall of 2104 or 2015.

We need to continue to work with WIAA and the other schools across the whole region, as if there is no solution, PdC does not have a home. In a complete blow-up scenario, the SWAL does not want us so we need to go north. The MVC is the only conference that has shown a desire to take us under the blow-up scenario.

Two other options that were brought up last night by community members are probably not doable, but will be explored if needed. One, a suggestion was that PdC ask to join the Iowa High School Athletic Association. Two, to go independent status. These are good ideas and we encourage all suggestions. However, neither of these ideas have been researched, and at first blush neither idea is practical. My guess is that crossing the river for activities would create a whole host of issues that probably cannot even be imagined of at this time. In addition, going independent status would most likely entail traveling all over the midwest to play games.

Click here to view the powerpoint slides from the meeting last evening. Options 1,2,5 are the options being sent forth to the conferences for discussion and voting.

Below is the content of an e-mail from Deb Hauser at WIAA on the subject confirming what was discussed at the community meeting:

Good Morning ...

Attached please find an excel spreadsheet which depicts 3 different
realignment ideas for the Mississippi Valley, Coulee and SWC conferences.

I am actively working to find a solution for the 6-team SWC. In a meeting
held at West Salem on Wednesday, these plans were discussed. I promised to
provide them ... so here they are. Please discuss with your administrative

I've asked each conference to discuss at their next conference meeting and
report back with what the choice of the conference might be.

Thanks ... if you have questions let me know. I will be looking for a time
frame at the upcoming WADA convention where we might be able to get together
to discuss this further.

Deb Hauser

Mississippi Valley (8) Enrollment Mississippi Valley (6) Enrollment
La Crosse Central 1173 La Crosse Central 1173
Holmen 1060 Holmen 1060
Tomah  975 Tomah  975
La Crosse Logan 922 La Crosse Logan 922
Onalaska 857 Onalaska 857
Sparta 770 Sparta 770
West Salem 547
Aquinas 351 Coulee (6)
West Salem 547
Northern XXX (6) Black River Falls 539
Black River Falls 539 Gale-Ettrick-Tremp 416
Gale-Ettrick-Tremp 416 Aquinas 351
Viroqua 384 Arcadia 340
Arcadia 340 Luther 267
Westby 327
Luther 267 SWC (8)
Platteville 463
Southern XXX (6) River Valley 460
Platteville 463 Dodgeville 420
River Valley 460 Richland Center 420
Dodgeville 420 Viroqua 384
Richland Center 420 Prairie du Chien 368
Prairie du Chien 368 Westby 327
Lancaster 283 Lancaster 283
Blended Conference (12) Enrollment SWC (8) Enrollment
La Crosse Central 1173 Platteville 463
Holmen 1060 River Valley 460
Tomah  975 Dodgeville 420
La Crosse Logan 922 Richland Center 420
Onalaska 857 Viroqua 384
Sparta 770 Prairie du Chien 368
West Salem 547 Westby 327
Black River Falls 539 Lancaster 283
Gale-Ettrick-Tremp 416
Aquinas 351
Arcadia 340
Luther 267 ** 2011-12 Enrollments

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