Friday, October 5, 2012

Alignment votes by conferences are in ...

This is an e-mail, below, that outlines the difficulty of realigning conference affiliations. As we reported Wednesday night at the community meeting, this process would not be easy; read the conference responses below.

As I stated at the meeting, WIAA (namely Deb H.) is working hard to accomplish something - but, the following note denotes how hard this job is. You will not hear me bashing WIAA as this is not simple; it is very difficult.

Again, as I also strongly noted at the meeting, what we within the PdC community may want is not necessarily in alignment with what all other schools may want. See the Coulee response!


Good Afternoon:

Below are the responses I received to the realignment plans that I presented to the group earlier this week.

I would suggest that the next step be a meeting of athletic directors at the upcoming WADA Convention in Wisconsin Dells. There appears to be some “open time” after the Opening Session on Sunday. Let’s shoot to meet right after the opening session ... in that same room if we are able. I will keep it brief and ask for schools to share their concerns/ideas on what plan might be the best --- as you can see there is no agreement yet.

Please feel free to share this email with your administrators.

Deb Hauser

The MVC would prefer option #1. (8 team MVC and 2 groups of 6)

We have decided as a conference that our top choice is option 3 (option 5 in presentation). We feel this gives the most flexibility to the 6 team conferences to the north and would offer us the scheduling assistance we are seeking. (SWC = 8; Others in Group of 12)

Our conference had a joint meeting Wednesday of all schools where the conference realignment discussions held earlier in the day were presented. After presentation of all 5 proposals and long discussions, here are the priorities of the Coulee Conference.

1. Motion by Luther, seconded by Westby to recommend option # 4 (PDC joining MVC and no change to Coulee). Motion passed unanimously.

2. Motion by Westby, seconded by West Salem to have the 3 conference commissioners meet to create a football only solution to be implemented no earlier than 2014. Motion passed unanimously.

Consensus of the group was that the other options were not in the best interest of the members of the conference schools.

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