Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Resources about the ongoing implementation of the Affordable Care Act

From: Jean Nothnagel, Outreach Specialist Covering Kids & Families-Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin-Madison

In addition to working with schools to reduce the number of uninsured Wisconsin children and families through the BadgerCare+ project, Covering Kids and Families (CKF) is also developing resources about the ongoing implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Whether you are looking to become more informed yourself, or if you would like to refer parents and others to a Wisconsin resource, please see the webinar presented by CKF and UW Extension on November 20th addressing a number of Health Care Reform topics, found in its entirety at the following link: The Election’s Over: What’s Next for Health Care Reform? The slide show of the four presenters can be viewed on its own as well, please click here: Powerpoint presentation

Two resources specific to the federal law have been added to the CKF website: Affordable Care Act blog and CKF Affordable Care Act webpage where the conversation about health care reform will continue, and current materials and links will be posted. I hope you can take advantage of viewing these opportunities about the federal Affordable Care Act, and share them with others. The links can also be selected on the CKF Homepage: www.ckfwi.org.

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