Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eat broth-based soup to consume fewer calories

Health note on Weight Management from Mayo Clinic Health System- Franciscan Healthcare. Enjoy!

Have broth-based soups first. Even though soup consists mainly of water, our bodies perceive it as food not drink, and our stomachs have to do more work to digest the soup compared to just plain water alone. Broth-based soups, as opposed to cream-based soups, are low calorie, satisfying, and keep you feeling full longer. Research shows that by beginning a meal with a broth-based soup, you consume fewer calories in that meal. Women in one study consumed about 100 calories less at lunch when they started with a soup; they did not feel hungrier later and did not eat more at dinner to make up the difference either. Since broth-based soups are generally low calorie, you can eat a satisfying portion. By having a reasonable portion of soup in front of you, the visual trigger leads your brain to expect that you will be full and satisfied. Soup-only diets don't work (for example, the infamous cabbage soup diet), but soup does. So ladle up a bowl today!

This message has been provided by Carissa Wiersma | Freelance Communication Specialist | Marketing Communications | Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Healthcare

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