Thursday, November 15, 2012

Notice to Hunters: Deer hearts to save Eagles

From Brent Seamans:

It is that time of year again to help the raptors at REGI (Raptor Education Group, INC.). REGI a non-profit company that is located in Antigo, WI. For the past three years I have asked for students help to collect deer hearts. The hearts are used by REGI to rehabilitate eagles, hawks, owls, and other raptors that are being treated at the facility. The hearts are a great source of protein for the birds. Hearts CAN NOT have any bullet holes in them, as the lead fragments can be deadly to the birds. Students in most 5-12th grade science classes will be getting extra credit for bringing in deer hearts. Anyone is welcome to bring them in to help this great cause. Hearts will be taken through the end of January.(Prefer that people bring them in the next two Mondays, after the weekends hunt.) Please have friends/relatives save them for us. Below is our totals for the last three years. We are going to try to top last years total of 140 hearts! Hearts at Bluff View can be turned into Mr. Seamans.

Deer Heart Donation Totals:
2009-2010 HS Only 50
2010-2011 BV and HS 113
2011-2012 BV and HS 140

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