Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wonders Reading Pilot

The PdC Public First Grade Team will have the opportunity to pilot the brand new (not even fully printed yet) Mc Graw Hill Wonders reading series. This will be copyrighted 2014, and our feedback will shape a final product.

This came about as the result of the district reading meeting that we had this summer. Click here to read more on that meeting

After that meeting, Principal Laura Stuckey went to work to find options as the First Grade Team felt that their current materials are not rigorous enough for the expectations that we need to have for our students. Our Kindergarten Team is doing a fantastic job with their reading instruction, and our students are coming to grade one with better reading fluency than ever before. We want to continue and build upon that foundation and as a result, Mrs. Stuckey began researching pilots.

Mrs. Stuckey states "I commend them for being open to a more rigorous curriculum for students. This is truly a reflection of the great work that they do, and the high expectations that they hold for themselves and their students. I am proud of their leadership. What an exciting year we're about to embark on! Can't wait."

Click here to see promotional information from Graw-Hill Education and view the embedded video below to see the new brand-identity for their new reading program, titled McGraw-Hill Reading "Wonders".

McGraw-Hill Reading "Wonders" from Nathan Love on Vimeo.

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  1. So how did it go? Are you continuing with Wonders in 13-14?