Saturday, August 4, 2012

Color Copy Costs now under control

We have basically cut off almost all color copying in the PdC Public School District. We still allow access to color for a small handful of necessary applications, with administrative approval, such as art projects or special education teaching materials. However, almost all other color copies have been eliminated as we strongly encourage the use of digital communication formats. All other normal printed material uses black/white which is exponentially cheaper. There must be an academic achievement reasoning for the use of color copies. Making something "pretty" is not a reason to use color.

This change is under the umbrella of both being good stewards of public dollars and encouraging the use of modern educational resource delivery systems. We continue to support and expect the usage of the Internet for educational communication and resources; in the digital world, creativity can be more unencumbered.

As you can see in the graph below, outlining the quarterly costs, the trajectory of the climbing costs was almost to $30,000 per year of color copy costs; and with no signs of leveling beyond that. With the implemented changes, we have cut that cost to less than $3,000 per year.

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