Friday, August 10, 2012

City continues work on potential Bike Path

On Wednesday the PdC City held a meeting on the newest proposal of a multipurpose walk bike path route. This current route is considerably shorter than previous versions due to funds available.

The School District supports the Safe Routes to School concept. However, the routes, siting, maintenance, and funding of these projects is totally a municipality issue.

The proposed path route can been seen on the map linked below. It starts at the PdC Public High School along Dousman south to Wells, and then east on Wells to the Bluff View Public School drive, and then south across along the east edge of what is referred to as the drainage swell to Campion, and then west on Campion ending at Marquette Road.

The PdC City will maintain the whole corridor of the safe routes bike path which is required to be a 10 foot wide path. It was stated that PdC City will mow the area including the mowing of the drainage swell and ditch. In addition, the City will plow the whole bike route as a normal route; all snow will be plowed to street and removed from there. Regulations require handicap warning fields at each intersection.

The PdC City plans to let bids next April or May, with construction during the summer of 2013.

Click here to view map

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