Friday, August 10, 2012

Finger prick health assessment

Check the information in your paychecks on the Health Risk Assessment during Pre-Service

The finger prick health assessment will be scheduled in 10 minute rotations throughout the pre-service mornings 8/29, 8/30, 8/31. Those employees with insurance will be assigned a time.

This is a full blood work covering the tests as outlined in the document linked below. This document was also in your initial WPS packet. People being tested will need to fast beyond 8:00 pm as this is a good blood work analysis including blood sugar levels.

The test and followup forms take very little time and the payoff is huge as the full HRA is released when completed, the district cost of the insurance is partially determined on what percentage of people get the testing done, and most importantly it may help someone.

Click here to see health assessment documents:

None of this information will be shared with the district at an individual level. The composite results may be used to tailor future programming to benefit the group, but individual results are held as confidential medical information by WPS.

There will be a snack and juice for you when you are done with the finger prick testing as you will be fasting and will not get to eat breakfast.

Any other questions - call Patti.

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