Thursday, August 23, 2012

Employee Information for Direct Deposit

The PdC Public School District requires direct deposit routing for pay "checks". In addition, employees can route dollars from their checks to up to three additional vendors/accounts.

This is arising now as employees might want to choose to pay their union dues through this process. Just a bit of commentary on union dues. The District has no part or process in advising any employee on union membership. We take a neutral position. In fact, if an employee is harassed in any way to join a union, or to not join a union, they should report that situation to an administrator. 

Under the current state laws, union membership is an individual decision. Under a current court ruling, the district is to allow deductions for union dues if desired by employees. If my interpretation of the current law situation is incorrect, or if the law changes, the District reserves all rights to make changes to conform with the law. We do desire to stay out of jail!

Some points on direct deposits are as follows.

1. The District does not control what routing actions are taken, this is totally the responsibility of the individual employee.

2. The individual Employee shall determine that the amount of salary reduction specified. The Employee agrees that he/she is solely responsible for any and all taxes, interest, penalties, fines or forfeitures, which may be imposed on the Employee.

3. The Employer shall not make any representations to the Employee regarding the advisability or appropriateness of the direct deposit form information or salary reduction agreement; participation in the program; or the specific vendor selected by the Employee. If such representations are made, the Employee shall disregard such representations and the Employee shall not rely upon such representations.

4. The Employee agrees that the Employer shall have the authority not to implement or to discontinue the salary reduction amount(s) if the Employer determines that the Employee’s salary reduction amount(s) will exceed the maximum salary or if the Employee fails to comply with any policies of related the Prairie du Chien Area Public School District.

5. This Agreement is legally binding and irrevocable with respect to all amounts earned by the Employee while this Agreement is in effect and the Employee remains employed by the Employer. 

6. The Employee agrees that this Agreement supersedes all others and remains in effect for the first two regular payroll checks per month until he/she revokes the Agreement, submits a new Agreement, or terminates employment. Revocation of this Agreement shall be effective as of the first day of the pay period immediately following the date the Employer receives written notice of revocation.

7. Changes received before the 10th day of a given month, will be effective for the following month’s­­­­­­­­­­­­ payroll. However, in general practice, a two week notice is sufficient.

8. No changes may be made to any direct deposits from June 1 through September 1. This is due to the fact that July and August summer checks are all recorded in the prior fiscal year and are booked in June.

9. By entering into a direct deposit agreement, the Employee acknowledges that he/she has read and understood the agreements and voluntarily agrees to all conditions.

10. Click here to view the Direct Deposit form. Work with Patti on questions. 

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