Monday, May 28, 2012

Zhang Yuanyuan Chinese Guest Teacher

Our second Guest Teacher is Zhang Yuanyuan. This is an artistic photo of Yuanyuan:

Zhang Yuanyuan is from Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province in China. She feels that "it’s my great pleasure to have this opportunity to work with American colleagues and students". Yuanyuan is excited, and looks forward to her arrival on August 3. 

This is a photo of  Zhang Yuanyuan visiting the Great Wall:

Zhang Yuanyuan works in Jinan Xiaoxinzhuang Primary School, which is a very good, "famous", school in the district. She has been an English teacher for 8 years. She has taught students in kindergarten through 12 years old. 

Photo of Zhang Yuanyuan with her English students in class in China:

She wants to make it plain that even though she teaches English and her command of the language is proficient, she needs to improve her English skill. As she puts it "I just feel quite a lot to learn". Zhang Yuanyuan views coming to PdC as an opportunity for her career and as "a milestone in my life". She cannot wait to get to work here in PdC.

Zhang Yuanyuan is married and has one child. Her husband is Dean of a Cerebral Palsy children rehabilitation center. Yuanyuan's family photo:

Zhang Yuanyuan's parents-in-law take care of her daughter, as she is only 2 years old. Her family is very supportive and are proud of her being a guest teacher at PdC. Photo of Yuanyuan with her lovely daughter:

Zhang Yuanyuan vows to "work hard in our school and community, and I will build good relationships with colleagues , students and parents. Please believe me!" 

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