Monday, May 28, 2012

Tang Min Chinese Guest Teacher

Tang Min is our third Chinese Guest Teacher. She sends her "warmest greeting from ... the other end of Earth, China. You can call me Minnie. I am very excited to work in your community".  Tang Min is looking forward to "a fantastic experience".  Photo of Minnie:

Tang Min is a 'country girl' as she was born in a small town named as Jinkou, with a population of no more than 100,000. She states "most people there, like my parents, make a living on growing fruit trees and tea processing. From what I know from Google Earth about Prairie Du Chien, my home town is similar with your community - a quiet and comfortable place with a lot of trees. Therefore I am sure I can feel at home there." These are a few of Min's home area photos, including a picture of her mother:

When Tang Min was 17, she went to Wuhan, a big city which is famous for Yangtze River, Yellow Crane Tower, Guiyuan Temple, and numerous delicious food like Fry Dry Noodles with sesame paste and so on. It was here that she studied for her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. In Wuhan city, she met her first and lifelong love, who is her husband. These are photos of Min and her husband and also one of her extended family:

After graduation, she became an English teacher. She loves teaching and gets a real "joy from studying with my students as a leader". Tang Min describes herself as "an independent and energetic person, who loves this profession a lot". In her spare time, she likes reading, travelling and photography. She looks forward to "using the camera to capture the beautiful scenery and treasurable moments". 

We look forward to the arrival of Tang Min (Minnie) and the other two Chinese Teachers in August.

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