Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Common Core Elementary Math series

PdC Public Elementary Teachers and their Principals have recommended an upgrade to a new math program for PK to 4. All classroom core Teachers and Principals have unanimously agreed and have individually signed that they are onboard with the McGraw-Hill Everyday Math (EM) Common Core Series, they will do the full training sequence, and they will use the program fully and with complete fidelity and efficacy.

Based on that recommendation, the School Board has approved the change. There is a timeline that is somewhat set; the materials have been ordered, and the appropriate training days are planned for the teachers to implement the program at full fidelity. The strategy is to have the initial teacher training in the days immediately after school is out, and we plan to have the new materials in place for use in summer school.

This is another piece in the process to update to the more rigorous quasi-national common core standards, smarter balance testing, and school rating system. We need to step it up considerably as the “old” WKCE standard of proficiency is now projected to be only basic. Under the “old” system we had increased to a point where we were at 90% of students in grade 8 testing at proficient and advanced; eighth grade is the capstone of our PK-8 pipeline. I am proud of what our students, parents, and staff have done to get to those levels. However, now the bar has raised and we need to move on to meet that new level. I am confident that we can meet the new challenge, but it will require a new dedication from everyone in the system.

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