Sunday, May 27, 2012

Liu Jieyu Chinese Guest Teacher

Liu Jieyu is one of our three new guest Chinese teachers. She has been an English teacher in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. This is a place with a very long history in the middle of China. Jeiyu's school's name is Zhengzhou No. 102 Middle School. She was supported by her school and the school's Principal, Mr. Cui, to come to PdC to be a Chinese teacher. In China, she teaches students from 13-15 years old. 

This photo is Liu Jieyu with one of her classes in China:

Jeiyu's husband is a history teacher in the same school. They have a son that is seven years old, currently studying in a primary school. They reside together with her husband's mother. 

Liu Jieyu's family photo:

Liu Jieyu has been to the United States previously as she was sent to New York by Hanan Province Education Bureau in 2010 to join the MMUN(Model Montessori United Nations) program. She stated that the friendly people and beautiful scenery impressed me. 

Liu Jieyu's Photo in Washington DC:

Jieyu  is excited to be coming to PdC, and we are excited to meet her in August.Their arrival is tentatively scheduled for August 3, 2012. The Chinese spelling of Liu Jieyu is 复制搜索, at least I think so!!

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