Thursday, May 17, 2012

AEA services may be scaled back or eliminated

Staff members need to be noticed and made aware that we are seriously considering the dropping many, or all, of Keystone AEA services. The proposed full costs of AEA services are $31,688 per year. 

1. One part of the proposal is to duplicate many of the AEA Library services in-house. Teachers need to communicate with Nancy T. on what is needed to replace those services. For example, we should be able to duplicate the classroom book sets with proper notice, or just more fully utilize the resources of the library. Please communicate your needs.

2. SoundzAbound and Atomic Learning are seldom used so that probably is no issue. Some of these same services are available for free through BadgerLink

3. We do not use any of the AEA mini-grants. We have in the past used an ALEKS math mini-grant subsidy, but currently we use none.

4. The one service that we have not used very much is the e-books library. The assumption is that this service will need to be geared up in the future, but again, this is probably something we can do in-house if needs warrant. Our PdC City Library has some titles available. If this is a need, then communicate the specifics and we will see what we can do. 

5. From the data, the main service used at AEA is DE Streaming. The concern here is that most of the content available on this service is readily available free online from other sources. There is a major push for schools to use the web sources to save money and to be more up-to-date. In fact, there are a few high schools that are totally eliminating textbook budgets and are going totally digital using only free materials found on the web.  As with the library services, if there are specific items that are used in classrooms that cannot be duplicated from on-line free resources, notify Nancy so we can dig deeper to provide alternatives. In addition, if you are encountering blocking or other hindrances, please let us know that also so we can make adjustments.

6. We are starting to talk to Discovery Communications, the parent company of DE, directly as they are jumping from their streaming products to virtual textbooks and materials. From what we have been only briefly exposed to, they have a full Social Studies continuum done and are close to bringing out a full science series.

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