Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NAEP equivalent accountability system

Last week I forwarded a letter to staff from DPI on the new school rating system. Per Mike Thompson's letter on Friday, the new accountability system will go into effect this year and it will be based on the November 2011 test data. Each of our five school designations will receive a report card in June, and the information will go public in August of 2012.  This report card will indicate performance based on the elevated NAEP standards. Nancy Hendrickson, CESA 3 Administrator, spoke earlier today with Phil Olsen of the Office Educational Accountability regarding the new elevated standards.  He stated that the new cut scores have not been approved yet by Superintendent of Public Instruction Evers. However, the proposal before him for approval is to set the new cut scores for NAEP equivalent proficiency at or just slightly higher than the cut scores for the advanced designation within the current system. As we have been stating for the past year or so, an estimate of our NAEP scores will be close to the current WKCE advanced designation. Most of those advanced students will now be considered proficient with some advanced. All of the currently proficient students will now fall out of the proficient/advanced classification. As anyone can see, the scores under the new system will be considerably lower.

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