Sunday, March 25, 2012

Algebra-Based-Physics (ABP)

Many schools are exploring the concept of teaching physics as the first course in the science continuum rather than the traditional rotation of biology, chemistry, and then physics. The logic given for this transformation is that the principles taught in physics are the building blocks upon which chemistry and biology grow. A few schools are teaching that base knowledge of physics in grade 8 so freshman can still do biology and chemistry. Our STEM staff members at Bluff View have been researching that idea and are doing some initial planning on the idea of an Algebra-Based-Physics (ABP) being the base science class in grade 8 starting in 2013-2014. This ABP science class would be in a complementary role to Integrated Math 1 which has become the standard for grade 8 math at Bluff View. We hope to collaborate with about five other schools in CESA 3 to write a science innovation grant on this idea and enhancing math and science across the curriculum. Two sites which give an overview of the idea are 

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