Monday, March 26, 2012

EC and 4K Screening was today

     The most significant item to come out of the screening today is that we are definitely over 48 students in the Full-Day-4K for next year. At the close of the day we were at 52 and growing. So that means that we need to add another half-time teacher back into the mix for 4K for next year to allow us to create 60 slots in Full-Day. Emily O'Brien has filled that part-time teaching position in past years, and we have tentatively slotted her back in that role.
     That move has lead to both rotations teaching positions of elementary science/social studies to be posted for next year. Emily, as noted above, will not be in the rotations, and the other slot was filled by Ms. Lawinger who has already moved into a 4th grade full classroom spot as the larger class sizes continue to move up the grades. This move also allows us to have 90 minute common planning (pdc version of professional learning communities) for teachers in Kindergarten to grade 4.

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