Saturday, July 27, 2013

Prairie du Chien Public School announces more OT services for children attending B.A.Kennedy Early Elementary School

Starting with the upcoming school year, there will be a substantially increased presence of on-site Occupational Therapists within the B.A. Kennedy Early Elementary School. The OT's will continue to work with children one-to-one, but will also be available to provide teacher support and class interventions. This enhancement of services for children is consistent with RtI and the goal of early and often intervention. There is an agreement being worked on to provide services during the PdC Public School 45 day summer school schedule also - more on that later.

The desire is to do as much as possible early in the education of a child to remove barriers and to place them on a solid starting path to high educational achievement throughout the school years. This is made possible through a partnership with the Prairie Du Chien Memorial Hospital and the PdC Public School District Special Education Department. This addition, plus the new full-time Reading Recovery teacher at BAK, outlines the district's commitment to increased academic achievement and higher expectations across all areas of the school.

The following you-tube is a fun way to look at all OT does:

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