Saturday, December 1, 2012

"Fiscal Cliff" sequestration impact locally

As everyone knows, there is a discussion at the federal level that is being dubbed as possibly going over a "fiscal cliff" by allowing an automatic implementation of sequestration to kick in. I certainly am no expert on the subject being discussed and I have no interest in adding to the extensive political debate surrounding this issue. However, I have been asked how this could affect us at PdC Public Schools. I will give the best possible factual answer to that question, with the qualifier that there are many variables that can affect these figures.

There are three main pots of dollars that flow into our accounts from federal sources. I will break them down as best possible as to the amounts we received in 2011-2012, what would be considered normal, and what is expected under the reduced "fiscal cliff" amount.

                    2011-2012            2012-2013 normal            2012-2013 sequestration
Title One          260,825                             271,721                                    248,353
Title Two           58,231                               57,956                                       52,696
IDEA*             295,419                              289,385                                     265,942
(*special education)
                    2011-2012            2012-2013 normal            2012-2013 sequestration
TOTAL          614,475                              619,062                                     566,991

Under the parameters of these estimates, PdC Public Schools will lose about $47,484 of federal funding, as compared to last year, if sequestration does kick in. If the formulas stay the same, and sequestration is avoided, we are estimated to increase slightly in funding.

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