Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Eustress versus Distress

Mayo Clinic Health System Health Note:

Did you know that there is good stress and bad stress?
Eustress is positive stress on your body that gives you the motivation and focus you need to begin your day. It may bring feelings of excitement and improve performance at work or at home. Distress is known as the "bad stress" that is associated with the negative outcomes. Characteristics of distress include anxiety, short- or long-term effects, decreased performance, and mental or physical problems.

What are some life events that cause us good or bad stress? Examples of “good stress,” or eustress, include holiday get-togethers, moving to a new home, planning a wedding, taking on a new career, having a child, taking a vacation, enrolling in a class, or retiring. “Bad stress” or distress comes from life events including job demands, death of a loved one, divorce, hospitalization, financial concerns, unemployment, abuse/neglect, sleep concerns, and interpersonal conflicts.

There are a variety of stressors beyond the examples listed, but these are some of the most common that people face. Stand up to your stressors by being assertive, managing a detailed schedule and following it, and planning ahead to avoid procrastination. Remember: you are you life's driver; stay aware and drive safe. 

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