Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tips to help students to stay healthy in cold/flu season

This Mayo Clinic Health Note is something school staff and parents are all too familiar with - students getting sick from all the germs getting spread around. Here are some tips that can help your student stay healthy.

Does it seem like school age children are always coming down with something? When children are at school they are exposed to a lot of different germs and bacteria, putting their immune systems to the test. In addition to getting a goodnight’s sleep, eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, those at school can take other precautions to stay healthy.

1. Hand-Washing. Frequent hand-washing can help prevent spreading disease. Hand-washing should occur before eating, after going to the bathroom and blowing one’s nose, and also playing outside.

2. Hand Sanitizer. Using hand sanitizer before eating and after sharing communicable objects like pencils sharpeners or a computer mouse can help kill the bacteria that can linger on these community objects.

3. Cover Up. If sick, try to avoid coughing or sneezing into the open air by using a tissue, or if a tissue is unavailable, cough or sneeze into the crook of the elbow.

4. Hands Off. Bacteria can enter through the open areas of the body like the eyes or mouth. Keeping hands out of these areas can prevent the spread of disease by not allowing these bacteria into the body. Not sharing personal items like water bottles or food can also stop the spread of bacteria this way.

5. Stay Vaccinated. Staying up to date on vaccinations, especially the yearly flu vaccine can help kids be healthy and stay in school.

Amy Every
Senior Communication Consultant, Marketing Communications
Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Healthcare

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