Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Health Note on Nutrition and Weight Management

Mayo Clinic Health System Health Note:

Now that the holidays are over, we may find ourselves battling some extra weight. The cold weather makes it a bit easier for us to give into not-so-healthy eating and exercise habits. Below, you can learn more about losing that extra winter weight.

The cold weather can make it a lot more tempting to give in to comfort foods and set your daily exercise routine aside, often leading to a bit of extra "insulation." Here are some tips on how to avoid winter weight gain.

1. Get Moving: Regular exercise is key to maintaining or losing body weight regardless of the season, but to help burn off extra calories consumed during the holidays and winter months, maximize your usual workout routine by boosting the amount of time you spend exercising, or increasing the intensity of your exercise.

2. Aim for seven-a-day: Fruits and vegetables are a great way to fill up your stomach without going overboard on your daily caloric intake. Increase your daily fruit and vegetable intake to seven- a-day by preparing bags of cut-up vegetables and whole or cut-up fruit. These pre-packaged bags are perfect for a quick snack on the go, at work, or in the car.

3. Limit to one-a-day: With the one-a-day method, only allow yourself one small serving of a dessert each day. Reserve your one-a-day dessert for something that is truly tasty, not something that isn’t even really worth the calories.

Learn more at: http://my.clevelandclinic.org/heart/prevention/nutrition/holidayeating12_01.aspx

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