Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Great American Smoke Out November 21; helpful tips to help to quit smoking

Mayo Clinic Health System Health Note: Will you or someone you know be making quit attempt for the Great American Smoke Out on November 21? Here are some helpful tips to help you or a loved one prepare to quit smoking.
There's no easy way to quit smoking. Those who prepare for quit day are more prepared for the hurdles they're likely to face. Here are some helpful tips on how to prepare for quit day:
  • Mark the day. Quitting is an important day in your life, so treat it like one. 
  • Talk to your health care provider. Your provider has a lot to offer those who are trying to quit smoking, such as stop-smoking counseling and medications.  
  • Tell people. Let your family, friends, and co-workers know that you are going to quit smoking. A support system is there for you when you face a trigger or event that makes you feel like you need tobacco.  
  • Clean house. Dispose of all your tobacco products and deep clean areas that you prefer to smoke, such as your car, office, garage, or home. Also, consider getting your teeth professionally cleaned as motivation to stay quit.
  • Stock up. Have items on hand that will help you get through your cravings like sugar-free gum, hard candy, cinnamon sticks and crunchy vegetables.  
  • Join up. Find local tobacco cessation programs near you. You can contact your local health department, hospital or clinic to see if they offer classes or group sessions. There are also programs that you can join online.  
  • Reflect. Try keeping a journal of why you quit smoking and if you've tried quitting before, the challenges you faced and why you started again. Individuals who are prepared are more likely to commit to tobacco cessation.
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